We help you understand environmental, social and governance (ESG) laws and regulations, and implement best practices and strategies for your business.

Companies large and small are responding to the desires of employees, investors, regulators, and stakeholders for better corporate citizenship. Where does your company fit in this evolving landscape? How sustainable is your company? Is your organization inclusive? Do you have ESG policies in place? Does your business track its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or carbon footprint? Is your company analyzing its value chain according to new rules imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)? Has your company considered becoming a B Corp or Benefit Corporation?

Commercial Compliance

Tired of corporate greenwashing? Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are increasing scrutinization of companies’ advertisements and promotion of product sourcing and sustainability. We help companies properly communicate the sustainability and impact attributes of their products and services.

Regulatory Compliance

Transform your business. The SEC is implementing new requirements for companies to quantify GHG data, address climate change risks in decision making, and analyze environmental impacts all along corporate value chains. We help companies understand value chain analysis, establish protocols for meeting SEC requirements, and properly messaging its stakeholders in financial and public reporting.

Sustainable Innovation

Innovate responsibly. Sustainable innovation involves making intentional changes to a company’s products, services, or processes to generate long-term social and environmental benefits while creating economic profits for the company. We help companies implement improved supply chains, source and access new technologies, protect and monetize innovative intellectual property, and strategize for a sustainable future.

Stakeholder Inclusion

Don’t just include – empower. Stakeholder Inclusion Policies represent an emerging model for the strategic vision of a company. Well-defined policies can consider the impact upon company stakeholders—including customers, employees, communities, the environment, and suppliers—in corporate decision-making. Research shows that inclusive decision making can empower stakeholders to create a more profitable, sustainable enterprise. We help companies identify stakeholders and implement corporate frameworks for inclusive ecoystems.

Diversity & Equity

Go beyond the DEI tweet. Inclusion and diversity are now expected at all levels of an organization and across its impact radius by employees, clients, regulators, and society at large. Our attorneys provide strategic legal advice not just in employment, but also in branding, data privacy, supply chains, and other channels where diverse participation is often overlooked.

Consumer Data Protection and Privacy

Don’t troll your customers. States are rapidly introducing consumer data protection laws designed to regulate the type and management of data that companies hold on their existing and potential customers. Companies are responsible for not only their direct actions but also the actions of media and marketing firms they employ. Companies must have clear and responsible strategies for managing the consumer data they access. We help companies use data responsibly.

Corporate & Shareholder Communications

How do you communicate your corporate ESG? As companies grow, their board, shareholder, and public communications necessarily become more formal and technical. Communicating corporate ESG activities and values is an art within this formality. We help companies properly message ESG and take actions in furtherance of ESG goals.

Benefit Corporations & B Corps

Be a B Corp! Benefit Corporation, B Corp, and ESG, these designations all concern businesses operating with social and environmental objectives or considerations. B Corps are for-profit businesses certified by the non-profit organization B Lab  as meeting “the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.” Benefit Corporations are incorporated in a distinct legal form to protect corporate values from shareholder activism. B Corps are certified by the private non-profit B Lab, whereas benefit companies are legal entities recognized by state governments. We help companies incorporate as or convert to benefit corporations, and help companies implement broader ESG policies aligned with or for the purpose of B Corp certification.


Traditionally, M&A due diligence only considered financial and legal opportunities and risks. Due diligence now frequently includes many ESG factors such as diversity and inclusion metrics and policies, environmental life cycle analysis, data privacy controls, and stakeholder inclusion frameworks. We help companies account for mergers and acquisition during due diligence reviews and strategize for consolidated ESG frameworks that survive such M&A actions.

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As one of the only Certified B Corp law firms in the U.S., we are uniquely positioned to help companies scale profit + purpose business models. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping companies implement and report impact, and use their innovative technologies to address global needs in health, human equity and sustainability. The Christopher & Panasci ESG team advises clients on existing ESG laws and regulations, and offers ongoing counsel for using these laws and regulations as opportunities for marketplace and reputational growth.


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Kevin Christopher

Kevin Christopher leads Rockridge®, a 4x B Corp Best For The World B Corp law firm working at the nexus of innovation + impact. He is a 2050 Fellow in sustainability at Yale, and is a founder of ventures Calliope Bio and Quantiscope. Working in ESG, he is part of the World Economic Forum’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition, and is National Science Foundation evaluator for the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites. He is a registered patent attorney based in Nashville.

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Violaine Panasci

Violaine studied in Montreal, Ottawa, and New York before landing in Nashville where she provides ESG counsel to national and international companies alike. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP), and her ESG practice overlaps with counsel she provides in contracts, copyrights, data privacy, and trademarks.

Violaine is a board member for the French-American Chamber of Commerce and the Social Entrepreneur Alliance.

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